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 Welcome to PBB Forumotion

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Welcome to PBB Forumotion Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to PBB Forumotion   Welcome to PBB Forumotion Icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2009 7:34 pm


apparently this forum is fixing and under beta operation.
keep in touch with this thread to be updated.


invite your friends!


i am also a moderator
i will check the forums every:
* 4-8 pm MTThF--
* Wed-anytime of the day-
*1-4 PM Sat-Sun
----------i am a busy person-i am still a student and attending classes! haha LOL

Flooders, spammers and rule breakers will be ban!


i am also operating a forums where you can request a pc games/apps from me
check this out also: CLICK ME

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Welcome to PBB Forumotion
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